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The right way to strap portable packaging machinery is

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Portable packaging machinery is a new type of air-flow packaging machinery and equipment for packaging machinery. Mainly used in portable businesses and merchants producing paper bag decoration. Portable packaging machinery is suitable for portable decoration, paper decoration, box letter decoration, box decoration, light industry decoration, hardware tool decoration, ceramic things decoration, train accessories decoration, cosmetics decoration, school supplies decoration, electronic component decoration, aluminum Decoration of many materials, such as decoration of many and many goods. Relying on a wide range, no matter how much decoration, you can decorate without changing the motor. These are mechanical constructions, the components are imported from abroad, the rear edge is smooth and safe, and the change is easy.

The supporting facilities of portable packaging machinery are partially constructed, such as left, middle and right.

The main push of portable packaging machinery, long and short portable packaging machinery, portable packaging machinery (15 photos), the type can be changed, the high-altitude type becomes a low-profile type. If the reel is to be placed from the belly of the machine to the left of the mechanical operation box, then replace it The four short-legged tubes and stop levers are fine, while I play, the low-level type becomes the high-level type; the motor can be changed very much by the user's body shape and workmanship; the work place is not ordinary and can be adjusted Adjust the radius of 4 leg tubes to make the mechanical platform maintenance technology.

The correct method of strapping for portable packaging machinery, continue the correct method of strapping: It is not necessary to control all the start buttons, and the motor can be strapped consistently at the set interval, which is suitable for the process of medium-volume production. The correct way to turn the strapping: each time the strapping start button is pressed, the strapping is performed once, which is suitable for fast and slow production or a small amount of strapping. The correct method of automatic bundling: (there are many online shops for packaging machinery with this function) There are the following control methods: Ball start button: The ball start button is set on the platform surface, and the thing to be bundled is on the platform phone, when it presses the ball When the start button is pressed, it is automatically strapped. Trigger start button: Every time you trigger the start button, things will be decorated once.

Brief introduction and main push of portable packaging machinery, using non-packaging machinery related technology to communicate, it is now arranged as a whole mechanical dual circuit holding, which is also smoother and safer than the previous single circuit holding function. The dual circuit holding causes the internal pressure of the motor electric board to escape. The operation of two people who build most circuits is also smooth and smooth. We are regarded as a manufacturer of packaging machinery, which is also highly functional and safe, and it is easier and easier to inspect generalists and to take back the home network control of the clutch. The automatic mechanical packaging machinery is introduced by tightening, heat capacity, tape cutting and gluing. The output of the specialized packaging machinery factory depends on a wide range. It can be decorated without changing the motor regardless of the decoration. The packaging machinery is a mechanical construction. The components are imported from foreign packaging machinery components. The rear blade is smooth and safe, easy to change, and the cost of packaging machinery is low.

The faults of portable packaging machinery are eliminated. The difficulty is that the wear and tear of the parts during the reliance and the wrong lubrication will cause the negative effects of the parts, which may reduce the problems and incidents, so everyone must know how to think of the fault quickly. And it is very important to remove the fault. The inconvenient secret is to tell the manufacturer about a small problem, so as to gain valuable energy and RMB. Here are some good ways to share the problem of house-sharing and milling. Defects: Non-stop steel strip condition: cutter wear or faults. Milling method: whether the security cutter or cutter holder can be worn or defective, and should be replaced if there is a risk of wear. Air pressure to avoid good milling methods: whether the security inspection can be successful in depression; stop the steel belt from getting closed breathing See signs of problems; security check closed to control problems: insufficient tension in the clamping jaw: the connection hole of the clamping block or the pin is worn Method: When the content of the groove is shallow, check the accessories of such things, and replace the method if necessary. Wipe away debris or dirt from the motor once every 7 days. Once a week, regenerate and lubricate the top skateboard with the middle knife and front ejector. Every 7 months, after the above four strokes have been done, then add all the (shaft, heart) and planetary cycloid reducer with lubrication oil. Replenish the oil in the gearbox of the reducer once every eight years. Need to pay attention to which accessories can not be added: a send back with roller. b All belts. cSlipper and nearby. When adding breakfast, lunch, and dinner, don't add a lot, otherwise the micro start button will be damaged due to oil immersion.

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