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What is the organizational structure of carton packaging machinery and equipment?

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Carton packaging machinery and equipment are energy-saving air-flow packaging machinery and equipment for packaging machinery and equipment. It still depends on the carton department and the department of the output of paper packaging1. Carton packing machinery and equipment Zhenghe carton packing, paper packing, luggage packing, box packing, chemical industry packing, hardware tool packing, fragile stuff packing, auto parts packing, daily chemical packing, student packing, electronic parts packing Packing and bundling of many kinds of goods, such as packing and aluminum scrap packing. There is a wide range of compliance. No matter how much the outer packaging1, there is no need to adjust the instrument to pack. Some products are mechanical structure, the material is implemented by foreign components, the rear edge is comfortable and reliable, and the adjustment is convenient.

Internal structure of carton packaging machinery and equipment, left and right guide blocks, etc.

Features of carton packaging machinery and equipment, wide and high carton packaging machinery and equipment (20 sheets) can be transformed, and the high-profile type has become a low-profile type. If you want to move the reel from the belly to the right of the chassis, replace it Four short-legged tubes and brake levers can be used. On the other hand, the low-profile type becomes the high-profile type. The width of the instrument can be adjusted according to the user's figure and work requirements. The work space is uneven, and 4 legs can be adjusted The yardage of the tube makes the machine long-term combat effectiveness.

Carton packaging machinery and equipment binding path, always binding path: there is no need to control any buttons, the instrument is always tied according to the set intermittent energy, just in time for mass production. Still self-binding path: Each time you press the binding button, the binding time is simple, and the output is simple for the slower or a small amount of binding positions. Autonomous binding path: (This type of packaging machinery and equipment used in the second-hand electromechanical market is extremely common) has the following control skills: Ball button: The ball button is set on the platform surface, and the object to be bound moves to the platform surface, when it is pressed The ball button may be bound by itself. Foot button: Each time the foot button is pressed, the object is packed.

Summary and characteristics of carton packaging machinery and equipment, using experts from miscellaneous packaging machinery and equipment, is now arranged as an overall mechanical dual circuit to prevent as much as possible, compared to the previous single circuit to try to prevent the performance will be more comfortable and reliable, dual circuits to prevent the internal pressure of the instrument board On, each side of the circuit of the packaging machinery and equipment structure will run more smoothly. Everyone is rated as a packaging machinery and equipment seller, the performance will be higher, the product brand will be more reliable, considering the outstanding business ability is simpler and more convenient. The mechanical watch packaging machinery and equipment at work are summarized by tightening, heat capacity, tape cutting, and gluing. The professional packaging machinery and equipment factory has a wide range of output compliance. No matter how much outer packaging1, there is no need to adjust the instrument. The packaging machinery and equipment are mechanical structures. The material is implemented by foreign packaging machinery and equipment components. The rear blade is comfortable and reliable. Convenient, low price of packaging machinery and equipment.

The carton packaging machinery and equipment faults are cleared, just because the components are worn in the compliance, uncomfortable lubrication will cause component injuries, and may expand the occurrence of faults and accidents. Therefore, this phenomenon shows that the alcohol is quickly diluted. Fine plaque? It takes a lot of trouble to ask the manufacturer for a little glitch, it is likely to win valuable energy and dollars. The following is a list of skills that can easily lead to failure of the shared housing and technical department. Failure: non-stop steel strip Reason: cutter wear or failure Technical department supervisor skills: Search and inspect the cutter or cutter holder for wear or failure, if it is worn, it should be replaced. Air pressure avoids the technical department supervisor's skills: search for work to see if there is any regularity; stop the steel belt to come to bloom and bloom breath See the fault condition; search for bloom control failure: the pull force approved by the lock jaw is not enough Reason: clamping block connection Hole or Coupling Pin Wear Technology Supervisor Tip: Search these components when the groove is shallow, replace the retention technique if needed. Remove debris or dirt from the instrument once a week. The next time, I will talk about the above slide and the mud-type care and lubrication of the middle knife and the front ejector. Except for the above ten treatments every 3 months, all the (shaft, core) and hard toothed cylindrical gear reducers must be overtime and greased. Supply the oil in the gearbox of the reducer every four years. Be careful which components can not be force: a send back with roller. b All belts. cSlipper and surrounding. When applying force after each meal, do not add too much, so as to avoid malfunction of the micro button due to oil immersion.

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